• Editor, Remembering Martha

A poem for Martha

Author: Chris Rigaux, Martha's life partner (first presented at Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, on Saturday, June 26, 2021)

The Thought of You

By Chris Rigaux

The thought of you being gone

I cannot accept

The thought of you not being next to me every day for the rest of my life

I cannot accept

The thought of you

Permeates my soul

The thought of you

Is you

Your death was violent, heart-rending, absolute

Your life was brilliant, soulful, resolute

How can I match your death to your life?

You came into my life as an angel to rescue me from death

How can death dare claim you for itself?

You were brought to the world to share goodness and light

You brought all dark souls, the lost and the forlorn, together

And showed them a better way

You brought light to darkness

How dare darkness snuff out your light?

The thought of you

Brings a tear of joy to my eye

The thought of you

Makes me believe in a better place for all of us

The thought of you

Moves my soul to places I never thought it could be

The thought of you

Brings me to write bad poetry

Because you always believed the best in people

You always believed that you could better yourself

I just wish I could have told you once

You are perfect as you are.


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