Food, beverage, lifestyle, theater, travel, social justice...culture journalist extraordinaire.


The freelance works of Martha Thomas, prolific writer, storyteller, appeared in respected national media platforms to local publications. 

From her features in The Washington Post and Baltimore Magazine to her editorial stints for World Wildlife Fund, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Overture, and her pride, Maryland Sip and Savor Magazine, she elevated her subjects and her audience.

Unfortunately, the digital age has not been fully embraced by publishers, leaving an uneven record of the work of many talented freelancer journalists.  We will update this page as we discover more of her contributions.

Here are links to a few for your enjoyment: 

The Washington Post

Baltimore Magazine

Baltimore Style/JMore Living

Her Mind Magazine

The Urbanite

Please contact us here if you have knowledge of links to works not featured here. Martha wrote under the name Martha Thomas.